Downton Creek Amigos

Far up on the high plains past Pemberton, a trail-blazing ridge n’ range route circumnavigation of the Downton drainage. A tall tale of three nights in three seperate bowls, trading expansive alpine views for lake side sights snowy and serene… a ramble of healthy proportions in the untracked terrain of our backyard yonder! Oh Wonder how endless the options of backcountry delight!

Finest of amigos, Benito Essence and Bongo George, with my coolest of cousins Keita, here for close to two months of rambling round BC from his native Japan. A bit of this, a bit of that, with plenty of frosting to spare…oh some frostinees indeed! a good coating of snow after an early season storm in the 7000ft+ bowls, bunkered down in our cosy tents so warm, then to emerge caterpillar like to the heavenly hues of afternoon light! Oh a fine sunset swoon! From turquoise dips to black and white mountain tips, a marvel of mountain weather magic… don’t forget your mits!