Cycling the Divide

What a week of reminders it’s been! The Road, yes YES! That surest of cures to the stupor-torpor of the urban-suburban tedium! The more-than-human world that’s still left, OUT there, untamed from the mundane… oh the Highs and Lows how they’re so much more when beyond the script and prose – ExPosed to the push and pull, the rhythms of sun and snow! (Bi)cycling to the cycles of dawn and dusk… and our smidgen of a time on Earth only as Real as the extent to which we FeeL!


     First up, the Greyhound to Livingston, Montana, oh what a cowboy town! The snickers and sneers as they watched me in spandex tights roll down Broadway at dawn from their Dodges and Rams! The long haul up to Yellowstone, with a great stint at the Emigrant Bakery, what longed-for crackery! Apparently a haven for anarchist ascribing Americans, the folks in this town built up several hundred fall-out shelters in preparation for the collapse of the military-industrial complex… talked with several of them for a very educational morning!… a long soak in the boiling river hotsprings to finish the 60 mile day off…

     oh my Yellowstone! what a bubblin’ chugglin’ netherworld of wilderness! Copious Kool-Aid colours and frothy-feverish fogs. One day blinding Sun, the next Snow Storm Surprise! A Grand Finale of a last day in the park, crossed the Continental Divide three times and ended the 70 mile day at my very own hotsprings overlooking the headwaters of the Snake and the foothills of the Tetons! Hoo Boy! A long soak into the frosty airs of dusk!

     Then the Titillating Tetons themselves! Oh Boy oh Boy! the Big Kahuna. ExPloding 2kms from the valley floor, arching and aching towards the great blue yonder in their snow-draped cloaks… two starry-eyed nights and frost covered morns to revel in their radiant reflections… the only mirror we really need to behold.