Yukon Gold!

A long ways North of here, out past the last stretches of pavement and patches of human presence, lies a land still untamed by our hand.  A place where the Winds carry scents of Wolf, of Bear and Caribou.  Where the Aurora dance and dAZzle like gypsy caravans bLazing across the storied skies above. A place you might have heard whispered, some legend – a myth – a Kingdom of Cliffs cradling alpine lakes of azure and amethyst!  And radiating from them like sunbeams, each valley painted in crimson creams – with beds of wild blueberry and Labrador tea, the mustards of muskeg and willow scree!  Oh but how could such a place Be?!

Tombstone: Mindblown!


tombstone 12
tombstone 10
tombstone 9
tombstone 7
tombstone 14