A Blustery Boondoggle Bloweth!

Oh Mighty Winds doth blow in ChicagO! Feeble forays of cycling sideways to tack headways into the gyrating grays of an un-staid and stirring storm, whOOee! Nothing quite like 70mph gUsts to blow clear the cob-webs of the mind, dust out the closets of one’s baggage, and rekindle the embers of our latent secret heat… to greet with ithcy feet the wide-eyed winter whipper of a day! Whispy-white wavewalls of water, weightless and winged with the westerly wind, WiLd in the thRows of an eRRupting eCstasy, washing splashing cRAshing upon the ramparts! Those farts of Aeolus, how it imparts the sPark to embArk like a foot-loose QuaRk!… like a Hermes of hadrons from Hades heralding: by and by, blow back the bane of the mundane!


 The woosh and wonder in a gull’s glide, the focus and fervor in a squirrel’s search, the chthonic cavorting of a worm’s wiggle or a mushroom’s magic, the mischief and muse in a crow’s CaWKa! Messengers all around us, in unending and undulating forms. Beware the mind that sculpts deer out of steel, that feeds earth into a molten hearth, that replaces nature’s narritives with empty expletives…


 Straight from our abc’s to our one two three’s, us be’s beholden to the tools of our logic. A mismatched magic of the mind, against which no mountains can stand, nor river run free, nor forest left stand. Monkey think, therefore Monkey am! What such salubrious and sentient a sentiment could any command but us pontificating bipeds? All salute the filthy flag of progress! The crucifix of capitalism! The glory of GNP!


But I digress. How then to throw off these fettering chains, how to cast them asunder to upend the plunder of our wOnder? Where’s Zeus (or was it Waldo?) with his lightning and thunder? The red, white and blue. Blood, Flesh and (Muddy) Waters. Where to next, Captain Zissou?